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Dive Tables

PADI eRDPML -  Electronic Multilevel Dive Planner - - #70031 -- DSAT and PADI Reinvent The Wheel with the new eRDPML -- PADI Tables

PADI eRDP ML -  Electronic Multilevel Dive Planner
# 70031
-- Get ready for easy, electronic multilevel dive planning with the arrival of the new eRDPML. Like its predecessor, the eRDP, the eRDPML is not a dive computer, but an electronic dive table that allows you to plan single depth and multilevel dives. While the first generation eRDP provided the same information as the table version of the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP), the eRDPML provides similar information as The Wheel in an electronic format.
PADI eRDP ML -  Electronic Multilevel Dive Planner

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PADI RDP | http://www.padi.com

# 60099
-- RDP table (Imperial). Includes instructions for use booklet.

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TDI / SDI Plastic EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) Table (Imperial) -- TDI Nitrox Tables

TDI / SDI Plastic EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) Table (Imperial) *

This double sided slate contains the tables needed for diving Nitrox. Information includes: Equivalent Air Depth, Partial Pressures of Oxygen, Maximum Operating Depths, and Oxygen Exposure Time Limits. Printed on semi-flexible plastic.

1 slate, 2 sided

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 US Navy Air Decompression table --

US Navy Air Decompression Table *

These tables are the TDI format of the current US Navy Air Tables. The tables are calculated using air for the dive (maximum depth of 190' provided) and as the deco gas. Made of vinyl for easy in-water use and storage.

1 slate, 2 sided


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* While these are excellent reference materials, in no way should this information be considered a replacement for proper training for the specific type of diving in which you plan to participate.

It is important to understand that no decompression procedure, software, table, or dive computer exists which can guarantee that Decompression Sickness (DCS) will not occur.  It is possible for DCS to occur as a result of both "no decompression" as well as "planned decompression" dives.  The only way to completely avoid the risk of DCS is to not dive.  Before undertaking any dives involving planned decompression or mixed gas it is necessary to gain further training and experience in these areas.