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Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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JW Fishers Dropped Video

JW Fishers Dropped Video Systems | DV-2 | www.jwfishers.comFor over thirty years JW Fishers has specialized in the design and manufacture of reasonably priced, high tech underwater search equipment. The product line includes diver-held and boat-towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, underwater camera systems, ROVs, and side scan sonar.

JW Fishers offers a complete line of underwater video systems including a mini-cameras for helmet mounting, diver-held cameras, drop down cameras to view the bottom, towed cameras, and two Remote Operated Video (ROV) systems.  Each system has an umbilical to the surface that feeds live video topside for viewing and recording.

 DV-2 Dropped Cameras and accessories special order. Please allow for additional lead time.

DV-2 Dropped Camera: Fishers most economical underwater camera system designed for boat deployment.

Key Features of the JW Fishers DV-2 Dropped Video Camera System: It's portability, rugged construction, and ease of operation. | www.jwfishers.comThe DV-2 dropped video system (the next generation of JW Fishers widely used system) provides a cost effective method for underwater search and inspection operations. The system is deployed over the side of the vessel and lowered to the bottom. Targets can be verified and recorded without incurring time consuming check out dives. The camera is capable of both downward and side viewing.

The real time video sent topside from the underwater camera can be viewed on a video monitor, a TV with a video input jack, or a computer equipped with a video capture card. The entire video of that favorite dive site or inspection job can easily be recorded on an external DVR (digital video recorder). The video can also be viewed and recorded on our VRM-1 video monitor and recorder. The VRM-1 has a built-in 10.4-inch flat screen ultra-bright display which makes it easy to see even on sunny days; and it has a built-in digital video recorder that records up to 12 hours of video on an SD card. Download the VRM-1 technical data sheet for additional information.

The DV-2 system includes a 0.8 lux color camera in a corrosion-proof PVC housing with built in leak detection system, two, fully adjustable, 1500 lumen LEDs and a 150-foot deployment cable (Kevlar reinforced).

Options for the system include up to a 1,000 feet of cable, high res color camera, a Video Recorder and Monitor, PAL cameras for European use, 12 volt dc/220 volt ac voltage inputs, 500' and 1,000' depth rated housings.

Portability, rugged construction, and ease of operation make this drop video a commercial grade, easy to use camera system.

The DV-2 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

     JW Fishers DV-2 LEDs
 DV-2 base system includes:
  • Commercial grade 0.8 lux color camera

  • 50 deg viewing area

  • Corrosion-proof PVC housing

  • Built-in leak detection

  • 250 foot depth rating

  • Two, fully adjustable, 1500 lumen LEDs)

  • 150-foot deployment cable (Kevlar reinforced)

  • Fishers Two Year Warranty

JW Fishers DV-2 Dropped Camera
(0.8 lux color camera in a corrosion-proof PVC housing with built in leak detection system, two, fully adjustable, 1500 lumen LEDs and a 150-foot deployment cable (Kevlar reinforced)

Price: $3295.00   add JW Fishers DV-2 Dropped Camera to cart
+ Shipping Surcharge $90.00

with an additional 100' of cable (total 250' cable) Price: $300.00   add 250' cable to cart
with an additional 350' of cable (total 500' cable, 500' depth rated housing) Price: $2,175.00   add DV-1 500' depth capability and 500' cable to cart
with an additional 850' of cable (total 1,000' cable, 1,000' depth rated housing) Price: $4,175.00   add DV-1 1000' depth capability and 1000' cable to cart

(Accessory pricing when ordered in same shipment as DV-1 Dropped Camera)

Camera Options

.Commercial grade 0.4 lux, 540L, color CCD Camera Price: $395.00   add JW Fishers .4 lux, 540L high resolution, color CCD camera option for DV1 to cart

Monitor and Recorder Options
(+ Shipping Surcharge of $30.00 ea.)

Video Recorder and Monitor (VRM-1) Price: $3195.00   add JW Fishers Video Recorder and Monitor (VRM-1) for DV-2 to cart
- with GPS interface (uses input from your boat's GPS) (Requires VRM-1) Price: $895.00   add JW Fishers VRM GPS interface option to cart
- with Keyboard interface/Video Text Overlay (Requires VRM-1) Price: $995.00   add JW Fishers Keyboard interface/Video Text Overlay Option for VRM to cart
- with Carry and shipping case Price: $375.00   add JW Fishers VRM Carrying Case to cart
DVR Recorder (Requires VRM-1) Price: $395.00   add JW Fishers DVR Recorder Option for VRM-1 to cart

Other Options

12vdc inverter (120 vac, 60 cy output) Price: $495.00   add JW Fishers 12vdc inverter (120vac, 60 cy output) to cart
220vac (transformer) Price: $145.00   add JW Fishers 220vac (transformer) to cart

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