Henderson Special OPS/SAR Wetsuits | Scuba Center has been selling quality public safety diving and water rescue equipment since 1973. You will find support for a wide range of Surface Water Rescue and Public Safety Diving equipment at our Eagan, Minnesota location.

Henderson SPEC OPS/SAR Wetsuits | Made in the USA | BAA: Buy American Act Compliant Wetsuit Program

Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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Henderson SPEC OPS/SAR Wetsuits

Distribution limited to US Military and Law Enforcement.

No civilian sales. No Resellers please.
These wetsuits are intended for official government use.  For civilian applications, referer to: Wetsuits

Henderson SPEC / OPS SAR Wetsuits | Henderson wetsuits for both military and civilian tactical applications. | Made in the USA | BAA: Buy American Act Compliant Wetsuit ProgramHenderson has developed wetsuit systems for both military and civilian applications. Henderson has been the exclusive supplier of water rescue suits to the USCG for more then 20 years. These rescue suits have been proven during tens of thousands of hours of intense Search and Rescue operations. Every suit is hand crafted to exact specifications in Henderson's USA factory.

All SPEC OPS/SAR wetsuits are constructed from Henderson's exclusive Hyperstretch Thermoprene wetsuit material. The increased elasticity of Hyperstretch has multiple benefits, including less muscle fatigue and greater range of motion when bending, squatting, kicking and reaching. This is one of the reasons Hyperstretch is used in Henderson's Rescue Swimmer and SPEC OPS/SAR Wetsuit lines, where freedom of movement and swimmer endurance are critical.

If you require assistance selecting the appropriate items for your Public Safety Diving Team and/or Surface Water Rescue Team, we are here to help. Please contact our Public Safety Sales Dept. at (651) 681-8434 or email

Government Sales Information

Note: These suits are special order. As such, they are non-returnable.

Please allow additional lead time.

Henderson Fire Fleece Technology |
These wetsuits are internally lined with Henderson’s exclusive Fire Fleece lining. Fire Fleece lining is an ultra-high stretch, low pile, synthetic fleece which is incredibly comfortable. This comfort will enhance performance during extended deployment. Fire Fleece lining also contributes to the 300% stretch of the material making all land and water based movements nearly resistance-free. This significantly reduces the effort required to move in a wetsuit and significantly increases energy stores for thermal regulation during prolong exposure. Fire Fleece lining minimizes water transfer throughout the wetsuit resulting in maximum thermal conservation.

All the seams on Fire Fleece 3, 5, and 7mm wetsuits are double glued and then blind stitched inside and out (most wetsuits are only sewn on one side). This provides longevity, confidence, and performance in the most demanding conditions.

The exterior laminate is also pill-resistant. Pilling occurs when wetsuits are exposed to hook and loop style fasteners, non-slip swim platforms, BCD’s and other gear worn along with the wetsuit. No high stretch wetsuit is “pill proof”, but the Fire Fleece exterior will resist pilling and abrasion significantly better than other wetsuit laminates and will significantly increase replacement cycle times.

The time proven, back zip entry design significantly accelerates the speed at which users can be in the wetsuit and ready to deploy. Rear zip entry configurations are well suited for use in confined spaces and tight quarters, like helicopter cabins or surface deployment vessels. The suits can be easily unzipped for comfort and quickly re-zipped prior to deployment.

Special OPS/SAR Core Warmer

Henderson UST330MV Tactical Core Warmer | Made in the USA

An outstanding choice for tactical swimmers, the 3mm Core Warmer boosts heat retention in the torso and pelvic zones but also leaves the arms and neck free of any restrictions. The use of Hyperstretch guarantees a flexible, easy donning suit and flatlock stitching helps prevent chafing against the skin.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR Fire Fleece Core Warmer:

Price: $267.00

  • Model: UST330MV

  • 3 mm Hyperstretch

  • Sleeveless shorty

  • Velcro shoulder

  • Flatlock construction

Special OPS/SAR Jumpsuit

Available in three weights, this suit provides the base for exposure protection in a wide range of environments. The tactical black Hyperstretch reduces visibility. It also delivers all the performance of a high-flex suit that's easier to move in and helps minimize fatigue. There are Duretex® pads at the knees. The adjustable collar allows for a good seal at the neck and the heavy-duty back zip is built to last.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR Jumpsuit:

3mm Price: $412.00
5/3mm Price: $502.00
7/5mm Price: $558.00

  • Henderson Hyperstretch

  • Tactical Black

  • Back-zip wetsuit

  • Flatlock construction

  • Duretex® Knee Pads

  • Available in 3mm, 5/3mm, or 7/5mm


Special OPS/SAR Shorty

Henderson UST630MB Tactical Swimmer Shorty | Made in the USA

Get in, get out and get done with this high-performance Special OPS/SAR shorty. The use of Hyperstretch means this suit goes on easily and wears easily. It flexes with the body and thus helps minimize fatigue. Quality construction techniques, like flatlock stitching and a heavy duty back zip insure long suit life, Tactical Black color for reduced visibility.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR Fire Fleece Shorty:

Sm-2X Price: $279.00

  • Model: UST630MB

  • 3 mm Hyperstretch

  • Back zip

  • Flatlock construction

  • Hi - flex arm gussets

Henderson SPECIAL OPS/SAR Accessories

Special OPS/SAR 3mm Hood

Henderson Tactical Hood USH30N | Special Ops / SAR wetsuits are Made in the USA

Special OPS/SAR swimmers will appreciate the warmth of this 3mm hood. The generous bib area of the Special OPS/SAR Hood helps eliminate any gaps at the neck and shoulders where water exchange is so common, yet the Hyperstretch neoprene allows for optimal flexibility and very little squeeze. Tactical Black color insures reduced visibility.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR 3mm Hood:

Price: $129.00

  • Model: USTH30N (Replaces USH30V Cap)

  • 3mm Hyperstretch Hood

  • Durable mauser seams


Special OPS/SAR 7/5 Hood

Henderson Tactical Hood USH65N | Made in the USA

The generous bib area of the Special OPS/SAR Hood helps eliminate any gaps at the neck and shoulders where water exchange is so common, yet the Hyperstretch neoprene allows for optimal flexibility and very little squeeze. A dual density design, the combination of 5mm and 7mm thicknesses makes this hood a great choice for colder waters. Tactical Black color insures reduced visibility.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR 7/5 Hood:

Price: $149.00

  • Model: USTH75N

  • 7mm Hyperstretch Hood

  • 5mm Hyperstretch Vest

  • Velcro panel for strobe light

  • Glued & sewn seams

Special OPS/SAR Hooded Vest

Henderson US153MN | Made in the USA

This hooded vest offers exposure protection with the functionality Special OPS/SAR professionals demand. Henderson's dual density design mates a 5mm hood for warmth where it counts to a 3mm vest for core body protection and less bulk when layering.
Henderson Special OPS/SAR Fire Fleece Hooded Vest:

Price: $187.00

  • Model: UST153MN

  • 5mm Hyperstretch Hood

  • 3mm Hyperstretch Vest

  • Glued & sewn seams

Henderson Wetsuit Size Chart

The Henderson wetsuit size charts are provided as a rough guide to fitting.

CHEST 33-35 35-37 37-39 38-40 39-41 39-41 41-43 41-43 43-45 45-47
WAIST 27-29 29-31 31-33 32-34 33-35 33-35 35-37 35-37 37-39 39-41
HIPS 32-34 34-36 36-38 39 38-40 38-40 40-42 40-42 42-44 44-46
WEIGHT (lbs) 125 140 155 160 170 180 185 190 200 220
HEIGHT 5'6" 5'8" 5'10" 5'11" 6' 6'3" 6'1" 6'4" 6'2" 6'2"
INSEAM 26" 27" 28" 28.5" 29" 31" 30" 32" 31" 31"
TORSO 26" 27" 28" 28.5" 29" 31" 30" 32" 31" 31"

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