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Hollis Rebreathers
Scuba Center is an authorized Hollis Rebreather Dealer.
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Hollis Prism2 fully closed circuit Rebreathers | Hollis Gear
Authorized Rebreather Dealer

Hollis Rebreather History:
Bob Hollis had his first rebreather experiences in the mid 60’s. He used Draeger units to allow him to get close to Sea Otters and other marine life in Monterey Bay. In 1970, Hollis made some of the first dives on the Electrolung rebreather using Heliox down to 300 feet in Honduras and Bonaire, filming ship wrecks and deep reefs. In 1990, Bob & Oceanic developed the “Phibian” rebreather, which at the time was the only commercially available unit.
In 2000, Hollis’ parent company American Underwater Products under two separate contracts with the United States Naval Surface Warfare Command, developed and delivered a unit called the “ATUBA” (Advanced Tactical Underwater Breathing Apparatus). This solid back-ground of rebreather technology led to the development of the Prism 2 and Explorer Sport.
The "Basics":
  • As open circuit (SCUBA) divers we rely upon filling our lungs with air from a pressurized gas tank with every inhalation and then exhausting that volume of air into the surrounding water with every exhalation. As we descend deeper the water pressure around us increases and the volume required to fill our lungs increases; in other words, our air supply depletes more quickly the deeper we dive.

  • A rebreather recycles rather than vents the exhaled breath. The exhaled breath passes into a closed loop, where it is pushed through a chemical absorbent (scrubber) to remove the carbon dioxide, and returns through the other side of the loop for the diver to re-breathe, hence the name "closed circuit rebreather" or CCR.

Unit specific training is required for purchase of each unit described here.  Our prices do not include training.  Courses are available at our facility in Eagan, Minnesota or from properly qualified Instructors around the world.

All Rebreather Sales are face to face sales (in-store). Online sales are not authorized on Hollis Rebreathers.

For questions about any of these Rebreathers, please contact us.

Due to the unique nature of Rebreathers, these products are Non-returnable.

Hollis Explorer Rebreather
The Hollis Explorer is a true recreational Rebreather. The unit is neither a fully closed circuit Rebreather nor a pure semi-closed system, but an intelligent hybrid that utilizes the best of both worlds. Its compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use. The Explorer is unique in using a single gas; Nitrox, and is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time. Plug and Play absorbent cartridges, easy guided setup with go or no go, CO2 tracking, and 2 hour design duration make this a dream for any recreational diver. The Explorer diver will benefit from breathing warm gas, have lots of bottom time, and since it does not produce any invasive bubbles, see more sea life than ever before.

Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather |

  • Nitrox Electronically Controlled Hybrid

  • Uses readily available Nitrox in 32-40%

  • Simple user interface is easy to learn and easy to dive

  • Automated Pre-dive Setup assures Explorer is prepared for dive

  • Automated Breathing Loop control gives minimal bubbling and hydrostatically controlled buoyancy

  • Bail-out mouthpiece gives a quick one handed operation from closed circuit to open circuit

  • Simple Green or Red primary display

No longer in production

* Price does not include: Training, Cylinder, Valve, or optional CO2 Monitor.

Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather
The Prism2 is a fully closed circuit Rebreather, ideal for exploring open ocean, cave, or wrecks. This unit can be electronically or manually controlled which means you choose how you want the loop PPo2 maintained. includes shoulder mounted counter lungs and rear mounted radial scrubber which provide easy breathing with low resistive effort and low hydrostatic loading. The standard kit includes an electronic secondary control and primary LED displays with a backplate/wing assembly that provides a complete kit ready to dive out of the box. Unit can also be purchased with or without tanks/valves.

Hollis Prism 2 CCR | Rebreathers, Scrubber, and Accessories available at our facility in Eagan, Minnesota.

  • Electronic CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather)

  • Sealed electronics

  • Radial scrubber design provides lower resistive breathing effort and more efficient scrubber use

  • Primary HDD (Heads-Down Display) is a battery driven sequential LED for continuous hands-free monitoring

  • Over the shoulder counterlungs for decreased work of breathing

  • O2 supply lines and solenoid are external from the breathing loop - removing the risk of O2 spikes due to O2 connection leaks. O2 is safely vented into the surrounding water column.

  • Pre-dive user selectable PO2 setpoints

  • Standard Diluent and O2 bottle size: 19 cuft (2.7 liters).

  • Accommodates 13 cuft (1.9 liters), 19 cuft (2.7 liters), and 30 cuft (4.4 liters).

  • Electronics and the battery are housed on their own outside of the breathing loop

  • 40 hour battery life (in 70F water temp) with standard 9V alkaline battery

  • Purge drains at the base of each counterlung

  • Waterproof magnetic slide on/off switch used for reliability

  • 3 redundant O2 sensors for reliable O2 management

  • Sealed electronics

Price: $8,999.95

Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather | YouTube Video

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* Price does not include: Training, Cylinders or Valves.

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