Cleaning Products | B.C. Life, Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo, Revivex Odor Eliminator,... | Scuba Center has been selling quality scuba diving and snorkeling equipment since 1973. You will find a wide selection of scuba and snorkeling equipment at both our Twin Cities locations in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Eagan, Minnesota.

Scuba Center Public Safety Diving and Water Rescue Equipment | Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota is your leading source for water rescue equipment in the Midwest. Contact us for questions or details.

Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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Cleaning Products

Gear Aid | Available at both Scuba Center locations in the Twin Cities: Eagan, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota.Gear Aid ( formerly know as McNett) started fixing gear in 1981 when SCUBA divers realized Aquaseal was stronger than their wetsuits. Shortly after, they expanded into anti-fog, sealants, repair tapes, water repellents, cleaners, camouflage, and more. Now, they’re known as the go-to care and repair company for the Outdoor, Sporting Goods, and SCUBA industries. With more than 100 products that share the same quality, innovation, and utility as Aquaseal, outdoor enthusiasts rely on Gear Aid for products that last. Because they believe gear should last.

Gear Aid Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner | Scuba Center 

Gear Aid Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner
Properly clean and condition all types of buoyancy compensator devices (B.C.D.) inside out with Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner. Formerly known as BC Life, this 10 fl oz formula is also a conditioner – making it a complete maintenance system for effectively removing salt and chlorine crystals from the inside out. With each under water trip, expensive equipment is exposed to salt, chlorine and organic compounds that can damage it. Keep your dive equipment clean and make it last longer with Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner.
Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner, 10 oz.

Price: $6.50   add Gear Aid Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner, 10 oz. to cart

Gear Aid Revivex Odor Eliminator| Scuba Center 

Gear Aid Revivex Odor Eliminator | YouTube video

Gear Aid Revivex Odor Eliminator
Body odor and pet smells can ruin expensive gear. When washing just isn’t enough, use Revivex Odor Eliminator. Previously known as Mirazyme, this powerful and natural formula utilizes water-activated microbes to remove funky smells. Rather than hide or mask bad odors, it safely removes the bacteria causing the odor. Apply as an odor eliminator spray or use it to soak neoprene suits. Add it to a machine wash as another option to easily refresh base layers and activewear. This gentle formula can be used on most fabrics including fleece and cotton. From wetsuits to tents, eliminate bad odors once and for all with Revivex Odor Eliminator.

Revivex Odor Eliminator, 10 oz.

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Gear Aid Revivex Wet Suit and Dry Suit Shampoo | Scuba Center 

Gear Aid Wet Suit and Dry Suit Shampoo | YouTube video

Gear Aid Revivex Wet Suit and Dry Suit Shampoo
Extend the life of neoprene gear without damaging it with Revivex Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo. Over time, chlorine and salt damage can degrade expensive suits. Wash away organic residues like algae and bacteria with this cleaner and conditioner formula. Simply rinse neoprene gear with it to keep it supple and smelling fresh. It’s also safe to use on neoprene booties, gloves, and even GORE-TEX® drysuits. Keep watersports gear in tip-top shape by using Revivex Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo.

Revivex Wet Suit and Dry Suit Shampoo, 10 oz.

Price: $7.95   add Gear Aid Wet Suit and Dry Suit Shampoo to cart

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