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Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 Computer |

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Atomic Computers

Atomic Cobalt 2 Diving computer | Brilliant full color OLED display provides the high contrast, sharpness and brightness that can be viewed at almost any angle. | www.atomicaquatics.comAtomic Aquatics founders Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth had already forged a reputation as discerning, demanding designers of innovative diving equipment since 1976. After generating numerous groundbreaking patents for a major manufacturer, they established Atomic Aquatics in 1995 and embarked on a mission to create diving equipment of the highest caliber.

Scuba Center is an authorized Atomic Aquatics Dealer.
This is your assurance that your equipment will come with the full manufacturer's warranty.

Atomic Cobalt 2 available online and at both Scuba Center locations ( Eagan, Minnesota or Minneapolis, Minnesota ).

The Cobalt 2 is the newest release of our new generation of dive computers that are easy to use, easy to read and totally intuitive. The Cobalt 2 features a newer more powerful microprocessor, faster compass response and new user options such as auto screen brightness. User selectable gas switches are increased from 3 to six mixes. The menu driven display is self-explanatory at every level and can be mastered in just a few minutes. This simplicity is in contrast to its powerful capabilities and the many advanced user functions available to those who wish to use them. In addition, it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will give the diver between 40 and 60 hours of dive time per charge and a charging adapter that gives the user the option of USB or AC sources.

Cobalt 2 User Manual (PDF)

The Atomic Cobalt 2 Dive Computer |
Atomic Cobalt 2 Diving computer | Brilliant display | Contact us for details or check out

Atomic Cobalt 2 shown with optional red top cover

  • Brilliant full color LCD display provides the high contrast, sharpness and brightness.

  • Built in Lithium ion battery provides 40-60 hours of dive time and several years of service before needing replacement. Battery can be quickly recharged with the AC charger or slow charged by plugging into the USB port of any PC.

  • High pressure quick disconnect comes standard

  • On-board 3D digital compass

  • Menu navigation

  • Powerful dive planner allows pre-dive planning of almost any dive, including repetitive and multiple days

  • The dive logbook will store up to 600 hours of detailed dive profiles in memory

  • Leakproof magnetic buttons

  • Air and Nitrox to 99% 02

  • Preprogram up to 6 gas mixes

  • Gas switch underwater

  • Customizeable user options

  • Automatic altitude adjustment

  • Maximum operating depth 330' (100 meters)

  • Recreational RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) created exclusively for Atomic Aquatics

  • Optional top covers available in black, blue, pink, yellow, and red (black standard)

  • Zippered ballistic nylon protective storage case included!

The form-fitting hard case is molded from ballistic nylon, which fits the Cobalt 2 dive computer like a glove and includes two zippers allowing the case to open flat. Designed to fit with or without the high pressure hose, it makes a rugged lightweight travel case to protect your computer when not in use.

Atomic Cobalt 2

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Cobalt 2 Accessories

Atomic Cobalt 2 Computer Case | Included with your computer purchase from Scuba Center!

Cobalt 2 Computer Case
Fits attached or disconnected from your high pressure hose.

Price: $25.50   add Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 Computer Case to cart

Optional Cobalt 2 top cover colors

Cobalt 2 Top Covers:
Optional top covers available in black, blue, pink, yellow, and red

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