DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuit |  Scuba Center has been selling quality recreational, commercial, and public safety diving equipment since 1973. You will find a wide selection of equipment at both our Minneapolis and Eagan, Minnesota locations.


 DUI TLS350 PS Drysuits | www.dui-online.com | Authorized DUI Public Safety Dealer | Get service and support for your public safety diving team at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota

Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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Equip your team for Public Safety Diving | Available at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuit Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota has the equipment you need to prepare your team for Water Rescue missions

Established in 1963, DUI is the world's leader in keeping divers warm and comfortable.

DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuits | Diving Unlimited International, Inc. is a 49 year-old company that specializes in drysuits and keeping divers warm and protected in the world’s harshest environments. Our customers include devoted recreational, military, public safety, commercial and scientific divers. We take great pride in providing our customers the highest customer service and we do this directly and through 400 dealers throughout North America as well as export worldwide to over 40 countries. DUI is the world’s leader in drysuits and diver thermal protection. | www.dui-online.com | Find drysuits and accessories for your team at our location in Eagan, MinnesotaAt DUI, they love the experience of diving, too. They love being with divers and helping them learn more about their options so they can have the ultimate experience with their friends and family. Whether you are a recreational weekend diver, a technical diver pushing the envelope, a public safety diver needing protection in an unknown environment, a working commercial diver, a scientific diver in 28 degree water, or a military special ops diver with a mission. DUI has the equipment for you.

All DUI products are made by searching the world for the finest quality materials, combine with seasoned and highly trained staff, incorporate the most unique designs and options and top this off with a pledge to provide the highest level of customer service to divers.


DUI designs drysuits for all types of public safety diving operations including search and rescue/recovery, vehicle and evidence recovery, swift water and ice rescue, security surveys and inspections.

DUI TLS350PS Drysuits | Trilaminate material made of Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon | www.dui-online.com | Order your DUI TSL350 Public Safety drysuits at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota
Macaw Unit not included

DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuit | Durability 8.5

Men’s Sizes: SS, S, ST, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, XLT, XXS, XX, XXT

Material: Trilaminate material made of Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon
Colors: Navy or black body with your choice of overlay materials and colors.
Seals: Latex or neoprene
Bag: DUI drysuit bag, talc and zipper ease

DUI Drysuit Bag | Easily holds a DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuit with RockBoots | www.dui-online.com

DUI TLS350 Public Safety Features:

  • Diagonal front entry zipper

  • Telescoping torso, suspenders, crotch strap

  • Warm neck collar

  • Reflective tape

  • Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves

  • High visibility overlays

  • Internal waist adjustment cord

  • Double layer material over knees, shoulders and buttocks

  • RockBoot™ System or Turbo Sole Boots with Ankle Straps

  • Public Safety Patch

  • Available with latex or neoprene seals (or optional ZipSeals Installed)

DUI TLS350PS Drysuits | Trilaminate material made of Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon | www.dui-online.com

DUI Public Safety Accessory Selector: For many divers the addition of accessories is the best part of ordering your new DUI drysuit. With so many options, which pockets and pads do you want? Remember, YOUR diving experiences and YOUR preferences are the most important factors to consider. Accessories DUI Drysuit Decontamination Protocols | The following information is taken from DUI’s Exposure Protection for Public Safety Divers Presentation. Diving in contaminated water is a complicated issue and requires specialized training. No diver should attempt diving in contaminated water without this training. Decontamination Protocols THE MYTH OF VULCANIZED RUBBER DRYSUITS | DUI TLS350PS Public Safety Drysuit Myths of Vulcanized Drysuits
DUI TLS350PS Public Safety Drysuit Owners Manual | Owners Manual DUI Manual | Risk Management for Public Safety Divers | PS Diver Risk Management DUI TLS350PS Public Safety Drysuit Size Chart | Sizing Chart

DUI RockBoots | All DUI drysuits are stocked with a CF200 attached drysuit sock for use with DUI's RockBoot. | DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuits | www.dui-online.com

RockBoot™ System:
DUI was the first to develop a drysuit boot providing better durability, support & traction. A must for any diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a divesite - even great on boat ladders! Available in men's sizes 4-15, they are sized to be worn with drysuit insulation. All DUI drysuits are stocked with a CF200 attached drysuit sock for use with DUI's RockBoot.

Note: Women’s sizes – most go down 1-2 sizes, depending on insulation
Men typically wear the same size RockBoot as they do their shoe size
For half sizes, go UP to the next size

DUI ZipSeals | www.dui-online.com | TLS350 Public Safety

ZIPSEAL™ Features:
  • Available as an option on all DUI drysuits

  • Flexible urethane ring installed on the neck and wrist

  • Replace a neck or wrist seal in minutes

  • Wrist seals can be replaced with an optional ZipGlove for completely dry hands

DUI TLS350 Public Safety Select Price: $2099.00


For the TLS Public Safety, select any of the overlay colors from Column A of the DUI Standard & Select™ Drysuit System Order Form. This is the only overlay design that does not include a Zipper Guard to facilitate easier cleaning and decontamination of the waterproof zipper. This suit also includes the same color/material overlay on the buttocks and knees.

* DUI Sport Package includes an Ultra drysuit hood (warmneck or standard) AND (1) 13.5 CF200 Knee Pads and one pocket OR (2) two pockets (A $356 retail value). If adding the DUI Sport Package, we will contact you to find out which accessories you selected. Please allow a few weeks additional lead time for suits ordered with installed accessories.

DRYSUIT & EQUIPMENT LEAD TIMES | DUI has a variety of models and sizes in both men’s and women’s drysuits in inventory and ready for shipment within two business days. | Lead time for standard drysuits that are not inventoried or inventoried standard drysuits with installed accessories is 10 business days from receipt of order for TLS Series, CLX Series, 30/30 Series and the FLX EXTREME and 20 business days for CF Series and the FLX50/50. "How long will it take to make my DUI?"

DUI offers an incredible range of options as well as made to order sizing. Due to the number of available of options (such as pockets, custom colors, sizing, etc.), Scuba Center offers only "Select" version DUI TLS350 Public Safety suits online.  "Made-to-order sizing" available only in-house at our Eagan, MN location (to offer you the bests possible fit and customer service). You can use the DUI Web site to learn more about DUI products and the exciting places they can take you. Then visit our Eagan, MN location for selecting the equipment, the features and the fit that is just right for YOU.

Contact us with any questions or for a quote on a suit made just the way you want it.

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