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Ocean REEF Underwater Communications

Ocean REEF Underwater Communications Equipment -- GSM, GSM DC, M-100, M-105 Digital, M-105 Digital DC,...The Ocean REEF Communication Systems redefine the concept of underwater communications. All units offer incredibly clear and precise communication. Innovative, durable, efficient, lightweight, economical, and easy to use; Ocean REEF is sure to transform your idea of what underwater communications should be. Add a new dimension to your diving experience, with an Ocean REEF Communication System.

Scuba Center is an authorized Ocean REEF G.divers Dealer.
This is your assurance that your equipment will come with the full manufacturer's warranty.

Ocean REEF Underwater Communications are special order. Please allow additional lead time.

Ocean REEF G.divers Underwater Communications

Ocean REEF GSM G.divers | Ocean REEF Underwater Communications Equipment

GSM G.divers (code OR033109) (Transceiver & mic assembly)
The GSM is the basic underwater transceiver unit. Manual mode only with PPT (push to talk) transmission and automatic receiving. It operates on only one channel. Designed for use with all Neptune Series masks, but can be used on any full face mask equipped with a standard DIN female connection.

Includes NACS Neptune Adjustable Communication Support

Mask not included

Price: $485.95   add Ocean Reef GSM G.Divers to cart

Ocean REEF G.divers Underwater Communications Equipment and Full Face Mask Accessories 
M101A G.divers (code 33107)
The M101A G.divers is a receive-only unit operating on one channel. The M101A fits on any standard mask strap, conventional masks or full face models. It might be handled and shared by more divers thanks to the high quality speaker.  The M101A’s reception is so strong that , infact, it is not always necessary to attach it to the mask strap.

A diver may hold the unit or attach it to a BC, allowing other divers to listen to the transmission (dependent upon environmental conditions and distance). The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water. The M101A uses a 9V alkaline battery and has a “low battery” alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low.The M101A unit’s total battery is approximately  30 hours.

Price: $359.95   add Ocean Reef M101A G.divers Receive Only Unit to cart

Ocean REEF G.Divers Surface Communications Stations

M100 G.divers Portable Surface Transceiver (code 33165) | Ocean REEF Underwater Communications Equipment

M100 G.divers Portable Surface Transceiver (code 33165)
The M100 G.divers  is a portable surface transceiver unit that may be worn on the operator’s belt. This is a high performance, compact, and easy to use unit. It is made to respond to the demands of communicating with divers in action without carrying expensive , complicated and heavy units. The size of the main unit is like a cigarette box.

The main unit has a PTT (Push to Talk) button and a headphone/microphone connector. The unit turns on when the headphone/microphone is connected to the main unit. The unit turns off automatically when the headphone/microphone is removed. A 10 meter (33 feet) transducer cable connects to the main unit and is lowered into the water. The operator may control the depth of the transducer. It operates on one channel and uses a 9V replaceable alkaline battery with autonomy of approximately 9 hours. The range of operation is approx 200 meters (600 feet).


Price: $657.00   add M100 G.divers Portable Surface Transceiver (code 33165) to cart

  • 10 m (30 ft) transducer cable

  • Headphone/microphone

  • Screwdriver

Ocean REEF Accessories


Damper for GSM G.divers communications unit Price: $23.95   add Damper for GSM G.divers communications unit OR023006 to cart

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