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Hollis Regulators |

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Hollis Regulators
Scuba Center is an authorized Hollis Dealer.
This is your assurance that your equipment will come with the full manufacturer's warranty.
Hollis Regulators | Hollis Gear | Sidemount Diving Systems | Today, divers are demanding specialized product with higher technical features. Answering this request is Hollis; dive gear designed for leading divers.

Hollis brings innovation and engineering experience to the dive industry by designing the highest quality and most innovative scuba diving equipment available. Equipment designed to accommodate the beginning sport diver to the exploratory technical diver, using the most cutting edge materials and proven technologies for any condition.

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The full line of Hollis Regulators and accessories is available for special order from Scuba Center.
For questions about any of these models, please contact us.
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Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator
The 200LX + DCX Regulator is their flagship model; designed for extreme environments. Every feature and detail of this new product provides you with the confidence of 40 years of manufacturing life support systems. The 200LX can be converted from a right-handed to left-handed hose configuration, in a manner of minutes without the use of specialty tools or calibration. The valve and every other metal component of the 200LX is “PVD” Industrial Plated, added to outperform and outlast any other regulator finish.

Environmental Dry Sealing system. Suitable for cold water use.

Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator | Hollis regulators are available online and at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota | Contact us for details 

  • Pneumatically balanced PVD plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing

  • Reversible demand valve, can be converted from right-handed hose configuration to left-handed hose configuration

  • Diver adjustable inhalation knob, allows diver to customize inhalation effort

  • Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use

  • Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort

  • Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dual color tabs

  • PVD plated stainless steel metal ring, adjustable knob and Dive/Pre-Dive end cap

  • MiFlex® braided hose

  • Din or Yoke options available

  • Paired with the new DCX 1st stage


$624.95   add Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator to cart

$624.95   add Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator to cart

Hollis 100LX / DC3 Regulator
The 100LX has the performance of the 150LX, but is paired with the DC3 for a great value regulator. All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex® hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual color tabs. It comes standard in both YOKE or DIN configuration.

Environmental Dry Sealing system. Suitable for cold water use.

Hollis 100 LX DC3 Regulator | Hollis Gear Regulators 

  • 4 low pressure ports

  • 1 high pressure port

  • Din or Yoke options available

  • Nitrox compatible to 40%


$399.95   add Hollis 100LX / DC3 Regulator to cart

$399.95   add Hollis 100LX / DC3 Regulator to cart

Hollis Deco Regulators

Hollis 150LX HO2 Oxygen DIN Regulator
The 150LX delivers great performance at a moderate price. The 150LX is paired with the HO2 1st Stage for an oxygen regulator that will never stop performing. These regulators are built for oxygen percentage 40% to 100%. The Front metal ring, packing nut & end cap in Stainless Steel. All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex® hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual color tabs.
WARNING: Do not attempt to use this product with enriched air until you have obtained training in Nitrox use with mixtures containing over 40% O2 by volume, from a nationally recognized training agency

Hollis 150LX HO2 Decompression Regulator | Hollis Technical Diving Regulators 

  • Cleaned and assembled in a clean room environment with specially designed materials, halocarbon based lubricants and color-coded for easy identification

  • Comes standard with 300 BAR/4500 PSI DIN connection and 40” in. /101 cm regulator hose

  • The perfect option for this regulator is the Hollis Brass PSI or BAR pressure gauge with 6”in./15 cm HP Hose

  • This coupled with its outstanding reliability make it’s the only choice for technical divers

Price: $449.95   add Hollis 150LX H02 Oxygen DIN Regulator to cart

Hollis Alternate Air Sources

Hollis 100LX Octopus
This octopus is designed on the same platform as the high performance 100LX 2nd stage.

Hollis 100LX Octopus | High performance at a great value 

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage

  • Ergonomic A.V.S. (Adjustable Venturi System) Dive/Pre-Dive Switch

  • High visibility yellow front cover

  • Comes standard with a 36in / 91cm yellow hose

Price: $169.95   add Hollis 100LX Octopus Regulator to cart

Hollis Regulator Accessories

Hollis Regulator Bag | 217.6506.04   Hollis Regulator Bag  Price: $39.95   add Hollis Regulator Bag 217.6506.04 to cart 
  Hollis DIN to Yoke Adapter Price: $64.95   add Hollis DIN to Yoke Adapter 240.3002 to cart

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