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Scuba Center has been selling quality scuba diving and snorkeling equipment since 1973. You will find a wide selection of scuba and snorkeling equipment at both our Eagan, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota locations. Scuba Center Eagan
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Diving equipment rental in Minnesota Scuba Equipment Rental Rates* Diving equipment rental in Minnesota -- Scuba Gear Rental -- Tanks, Weights, BCD, Regulators, Dive Lights, Drysuits, Dive Flags,...

We have quality scuba diving equipment available for rental by the:
Daily Rental
Weekend Rental (2 times the daily rate) Keep it for up to 4 days
Week / Vacation Rental (4 times the daily rate) Keep it for up to 10 days

Scuba Equipment

Daily Rental Rate

Air Tank

Aqua Lung Essential Scuba Equipment Package


Buoyancy Compensator (BCD) -- Weight not included

Dive Flag $5.00
Regulator $20.00
Weight Belt / Weights $10.00

Exposure Protection

Daily Rental Rate

Drysuits - Drysuit & Hood ** (Available at our Eagan, MN location) $50.00
Drysuit Undergarment ** (Available at our Eagan, MN location)


Wetsuit - 7mm 1 Piece $10.00
Wetsuit Hood $5.00

* Equipment is available for rental only to certified diversProof of certification is required.

** Drysuits and Undergarments are available for rental by certified Drysuit divers at our store in Eagan, Minnesota.

Proof of drysuit certification required.

Cleaning charges may apply to suits and undergarments.  See below for additional details.

This equipment is rented for the renters personal use only.  It will not be loaned or sublet to any other party.  Use of BCD's, computers, dry suits, regulators, tanks, or weight belts by non-certified divers is strictly prohibited.  The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the rented equipment while in his/her possession and agrees to return it in the same condition as received.  Late returns are subject to daily charges.  The renter acknowledges that he/she is a certified diver and is in good health.  All rental gear must be rinsed with fresh water and properly cleaned before it is returned.  Failure to do so will result in a minimum $5 per item cleaning fee.