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Gas Analyzers and Sensors
Analytical Industries

Analytical Industries Palm O2 D Oxygen Analyzer 

Analytical Industries Palm O2 D Oxygen Analyzer


Palm size portable nitrox analyzer measures O2 concentrations from 0.05% to 100%. Features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor, a 32 month operating life with no maintenance required, 13,000 hours of battery use, and a wide variety of optional accessories that make it an ideal cost effective choice for checking O2 levels of compressed air scuba tanks and Nitrox mixes.

  • Easy user interface... one touch controls
  • Simple to use... accurate reliable results
  • One touch calibration... 100% O2 or air
  • Long battery life... 13,000 hrs of use
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • State of the art electronics
  • Standard Dome Adapter Included
  • Warranty: 12 months analyzer; 12 months sensor

Analytical Industries Palm O2 D Oxygen Analyzer

Price: $265.00   add Analytical Industries Palm O2 D Oxygen Analyzer to cart

Analytical Industries 4001 Trimix Analyzer 

Analytical Industries 4001 Trimix Analyzer


The most advanced and easy to use trimix analyzer on the market. This unique device is a must have part of any pre-dive checklist... Proprietary software, environmental sensor and a large backlit LCD enable users to obtain the most accurate calibration possible with a single touch, eliminating errors related to charts and knobs. Additional information including MOD at PP02 of 1.4 ATA is well laid out and informative.

  • The Oxygen value is compensated for temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity.
  • The Helium value is compensated for differences in the thermal conductivity of Oxygen and Nitrogen enabling the analyzer to precisely measure any combination of Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen.
  • Imperial or Metric units at a touch
  • Rechargeable battery powers the AII 4001 for 16 hours of continuous use.
  • 9V DC power adapter 110/220 VAC is included, charges battery in 2 hours. Adapter can safely remain connected for bench top operation

Special order. Please allow additional lead time.

Case Included

Price: $875.00   add Analytical Industries Trumix 4001 Trimix Analyzer to cart

Maxtec Analyzers

MaxO2+ A O2 Analyzer 

MaxO2+ A O2 Analyzer


The MAXO2+A Scuba Oxygen analyzer was designed with simplicity and portability in mind. This analyzer is ideal for checking oxygen percent accuracy from your B.C. hose (Barbed Adapter w/tubing not included) or directly from a tank when used in conjunction with the QuickOx Adapter.

  • 24 month warranty on both the analyzer and the sensor

  • Internal MAX-250+ Long Life Sensor

  • 5,000+ hours operation on 2 AA batteries

  • Easy one touch calibration

  • Patented ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand

  • Barbed Adapter w/tubing [ R207P17 ] not included. Order separately below.

Maxtec MaxO2+ A Oxygen Analyzer

Price: $349.95   add Maxtec MaxO2+ A Oxygen Analyzer to cart


Maxtec Accessories


Barbed Adapter w/tubing [ R207P17 ]

Price: $8.00   add Barbed Adapter w/tubing [ R207P17 ] to cart

Maxtec Replacement Oxygen Sensors

Maxtec MAX™-250+ Oxygen Sensor | Internal Oxygen Sensor for MaxO2+A oxygen analyzers | Gas Analysis and Technical Diving Equipment.

Maxtec MAX™-250+ Oxygen Sensor: R125P02-013
Internal Oxygen Sensor for MaxO2+A
2-Year Warranty

Price: $79.00   add Maxtec MAX-250+ Replacement O2 Sensor for MaxO2+A to cart

Maxtec MAX™-301 Oxygen Sensor: R108P15
Oxygen Sensor for Teledyne* R-17D, AII PSR-11-39MD

Price: $95.00   add Maxtec MAX-301 O2 Sensor for Teledyne R-17D to cart

  • Range: 0-100 Vol.%

  • Output: 8.5 to 12 mV

  • Connector: 3.5mm mono jack

  • Special Features: Hydrophobic Membrane

12-Month Warranty

Maxtec MAX-305 Oxygen Sensor | Oxygen Sensor replacement for Teledyne R-22D | Order oxygen analyzers and rebreather accessories from Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota

Maxtec MAX™-305 Oxygen Sensor: R108P17
Oxygen Sensor for Teledyne* R-22D, AII PSR-11-39-MD

Price: $70.00   add Maxtec MAX-305 O2 Sensor for Teledyne R-22D to cart

  • Range: 0-100 Vol.%

  • Output: 8 to 13 mV

  • Connector: 3-pin Molex gold-plated

  • Response Time: <14 seconds

  • Special Features: Hydrophobic Membrane

12-Month Warranty

*For sensors in re-breather applications, Maxtec warrants the sensor to work according to the stated specifications under normal operating conditions. For sensors used in re-breather applications, Maxtec has not performed validation or verification testing and therefore cannot promote our sensors for use in this application and disclaims any liability for off-label use. Verification and validation for use in these applications is the responsibility of the equipment user and/or manufacturer.

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