Search and Salvage Tools | Scuba Center has been selling quality diving and water rescue equipment since 1973. You will find a wide selection of Public Safety Diving, Surface Water Rescue, and Commercial Diving equipment at our Eagan, Minnesota location.   Scuba Center Public Safety Diving and Water Rescue Equipment | Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota is your leading source for water rescue equipment in the Midwest. Contact us for questions or details.
Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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Search and Salvage Tools

Carabiners and Rigging Equipment | Surface Water Rescue Equipment and Ice Rescue Gear | Shop online or at our Eagan, Minnesota location

Carabiners & Rigging

Full Face Masks and Accessories | Gear your Public Safety Diving and SAR teams can count on.

Full Face Masks

Water Rescue Harnesses and Rigging Hardware | Rescue Swimmer Gear | Harnesses for Public Safety Diving and Water Rescue


SUBSALVE Lift Bags | Search and Salvage Equipment
Lift Bags

Metal Detectors | Search and Salvage Equipment

Metal Detectors

Dive Rite Slide Lock Reel | Only Dive Rite has the SL Series Reels


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While these are excellent reference materials, in no way should this information be considered a replacement for proper training for the specific type of diving in which you plan to participate.