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 OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask | Factory trained service technicians on staff at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota

Scuba Center is a SAM ( formerly CCR ) registered supplier for the United States Government.  Our customers include: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue (SAR) Teams, Fire Departments, State and Local Government agencies, Commercial Diving Companies, School Districts, Television and Movie production companies, and many others.
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OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask | Ocean Technology Systems is the Leader in State-of-the-Art Underwater Communication Systems servicing the Sport, Commercial, Movie Industry, Search & Rescue and Military communities around the world! Looking for the finest underwater communications systems available? You have come to the right place. OTS offers hard-wire, through-water, sonic, wireless, diver recall systems, Buddy Phone, Aquacom, Hot Mic, and Buddy Line products. They also offer support items such as earphones, microphones, full face masks, and ComRope.

Scuba Center is an authorized OTS Dealer.
This is your assurance that your equipment will come with the full manufacturer's warranty.

*As many OTS communications items are assembled and tested to order, please allow for additional lead time.*

Introducing the OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask | Ocean Technology Systems

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask. Welcome to the Spectrum of Diving...

With the Spectrum Full Face Mask, Ocean Technology Systems created the best Full Face Mask on the market that allows divers to user their own regulators and eliminating the heavy cost associated with standard FFMs, without sacrificing luxury.

The Spectrum Full Face Mask provides a simple method to adapt your own regulator to the mask by eliminating the bite down mouthpiece and tying your own reg in with the rest of the FFM. This allows for some of the best features of our other Full Face Masks : no jaw fatigue, no dry mouth, double seal for a better fit, five point head harness and clear communications.

Regulator not included.
OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask is tested to a maximum diving depth of 50m according to EN 250:2014**

OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask is designed for water temperatures below 10C and is suitable for cold-water diving applications. Ultimately, cold water performance is dictated by 2nd stage regulator being used.

OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask is tested for diving applications with breathing air according to EN12021.

OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask has been tested according to the European standard EN 250:2014**

**EN250:2014 refers to the 2014 European Standard for Respiratory equipment Open Circuit Self-Contained Air Diving Apparatus.

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask | Inside view | Contact us for details 

OTS Spectrum FFM | Available at Scuba Center in Eagan, Minnesota

  • Fits most 2nd stage reglators
  • Double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces
  • Eliminates jaw fatigue and dry mouth
  • Variety of Colors are offered
  • Keeps face dry and warm
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt
  • Easy to equalize
  • Wide field of vision
  • Allows for OTS communication systems
  • Compatible with many OTS accessories
  • Coated tempered safety glass visor
  • Regulator not included

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask | Contact us for details OTS Spectrum Manual

Colors: Skirt/Lens
Black/Red Coated
Blue/Red Coated

Price: $399.00


Spectrum Mask Communications Package

OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask with Buddy Phone | Underwater Communications Packages 

Includes OTS Spectrum Mask & OTS-BUD-D2:
The Buddy Phone D2 is a digital, micro-miniature, ultrasonic transceiver allowing communication between two or more scuba divers or surface stations. Using "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) techniques, the Buddy Phone produces uncompromising speech clarity. The Buddy Phone D2 is digitally controlled and features a voice menu to guide you to: adjust your Volume, change from Channel A to Channel B, or put the Buddy Phone in a continuous voice transmission mode.

SPT-BUDS: OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask Package

OTS Underwater Communication Systems Traiining Videos. Applications include Sport diving, Commercial diving, Movie and Television production, Search & Rescue and Military diving communities around the world! | OTS Underwater Communications Equipment How To Videos OTS Communications Training Videos

Price: $1099.00

Surface Communications Station

OTS SP-100D2 Buddy Phone surface comm unit | The OTS SP-100D Surface Buddy Phone  is newly designed. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing circuitry (DSP - known as "Software Defined Radio") has been incorporated ensuring great performance and clarity. The new DSP Squelch circuitry is second to none. The OTS SP-100D will operate with all Single Sideband acoustic underwater devices within range and on the same frequency. The user simply places the OTS SP-100D Buddy Phone  in a secure area, lowers the 35' transducer cable in the water, turns the power On and talks via a hand held microphone. All divers and/or other surface stations within range and the same frequency will receive the message. When any other persons within range and on the same frequency talks, the voice will be heard from the front panel speaker of the OTS SP-100D. | OTS Underwater Communications Equipment OTS SP-100D2 Buddy Phone (2 Channels)
The SP-100D Surface Buddy Phone transceiver was designed to operate with all single sideband acoustic underwater devices within range and on the same frequency. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing circuitry (DSP - known as "Software Defined Radio") has been incorporated ensuring great performance and clarity. The new DSP Squelch circuitry is second to none. Includes 35' transducer cable and a hand held microphone.
Battery Type: 8 AA alklaline; or 16 AA alkaline; or optional RB-11 NiMH 12-volt Battery Pack
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.0" x 7.85" x 3.70"
Weight: 2.5 lbs

Freq. A (Channel 1): 32.768 kHz USB
Freq. B (Channel 4): 31.250 kHz LSB

Price: $1349.00   add OTS SP-100D2 Buddy Phone Surface Communications Station to cart

Spectrum Full Face Mask Accessories
Guardian Eyewear Kit | Item# 920033-000 OTS Eyewear Kit: Add your prescription lenses to wire frames in your OTS Spectrum FFM. With the OTS Full-Face Mask Eyewear Insert, enjoy a clear view underwater with securely mounted, custom engineered and field-tested prescription ready eye gear. Price: $99.00   add OTS Full Face Mask Eyewear Kit to cart
OTS Guardian Head Strap - Black OTS Head Strap - Black
# 872006-000
Price: $32.00   add OTS Head Strap - Black to cart

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